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Plant-based nutrition to keep parasite levels low
Herb-AllTMPARA-X acts as a long-term protection against parasites. It strengthens the natural defense mechanism of the animals. Herb-AllTMPARA-X contains herbs with anthelmintic properties to interrupt the reinfection cycle and to keep the parasitic pressure low. The feed production needs no separated medicated line and there are no withdrawal restrictions. It can be used in grazing animals or in free-range systems, but it also works well for indoor production, where contamination with parasites is an issue. This herbal protection works in ruminants, layers, pigs, horses, wildlife animals, and aquaculture.

General Inclusion Rates

Cows, goats, sheep:
5 g / 100 kg of live weight max. 30 g / head / day (permanent use)
1.5 kg / ton of feed (permanent use in free-range systems)
1.5 kg / ton of feed (permanent use in free-range systems)
10 g / foal / day, 30 g / horse / day (permanent use)
Wildlife animals:
1.5 kg / ton of feed (permanent use)
2 - 5 kg / ton of feed depending on species etc.