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About us

We trust Nature!

With a dedication to high quality, we guarantee our customers first-class products produced exclusively in Switzerland according to the highest standards in modern animal feed production.


«Our vision is to become the most valued and trusted herbal company in the world!»


Life Circle Nutrition has developed new concepts for healthier, more sustainable animal production. Thanks to our vast technical and market experience in all animal species, we have established a portfolio of products with unique mixtures of pure herbs and plants. Several trials under different conditions in ruminants, monogastrics, minor species, pets, and in aquaculture have shown the positive effects of Herb-AllTM products!


Our philosophy and goal is to bring back the huge variety which nature offers, to modern animal feed. All Herb-AllTM products contain pure herbs and plants, but no extracts. Herbs and plants have many active ingredients and secondary plant substances that are not extractable. We use the whole power of these natural ingredients to bring back the missing nutritional elements into animal feed. The result is a maximum synergistic effect of all active ingredients and secondary plant substances to make animals stronger and healthier.


In January 2021 we moved to our new office building with a modern infrastructure and a lot of space. Sustainability is important to us. Our office building is made entirely of Swiss wood. This saved around 450 T of CO2.

Our team is our capital. For this reason, it is obvious that the satisfaction and well-being of our team members is important to us. That’s why Life Circle Nutrition as an employer offers a lot of advantages: While our flexible working hours help our team members to keep their life in balance, our state-of-the-art IT equipment enables full efficiency at the workplace. Furthermore, we organize regularly team events or enjoy a drink at our rooftop bar.


The Board is deeply engaged in developing and measuring the company’s long-term strategy, performance, culture and values.

We believe that it adds a valuable and diverse set of external perspectives and that it fosters robust, open debate about significant business issues that brings an additional discipline to major decisions.

Thomas Rüegge
Kim Rüegge
Markus Meier


We sell our products in more than 40 different countries. More than 100 scientific trial with the support of Universities and trials under practical conditions showed the effectiveness of the products. It doesn’t matter if the products are used in a very cold, hot, dry or humid country or if the farm management is on a high or low level.