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Herb-All LIVER improves the conversion of feed energy into available energy with an adequate glucose supply. It avoids excessive fat storage in the liver, especially at the onset of lactation. This improves the formation of glucose and absorbed glycogenic substances (propylene glycol, propionate or glycerol) are converted into glucose with greater efficiency. Therefore, the daily amount of these substances fed per cow can be reduced.

A well-functioning liver is also important for the conversion of volatile fatty acids (FFA) into glucose. These FFA are formed by the rumen organisms from the breakdown of starch and cellulose. Sufficient glucose is crucial for high, stable milk yields. Tests with Herb-All LIVER in post-partum cows have shown that, thanks to a well-supported liver, sufficient glucose is formed and the cows react with a correspondingly higher performance. This increase in performance happens without additional stress on fat metabolism. On contrary, physiological studies compared to control herds showed, that dairy herds fed with Herb-All LIVER in the first few weeks of lactation had on average up to 65% lower levels of ketone bodies in the blood and thus practically no signs of subclinical ketosis were recorded.

Severarl trials with Herb-All LIVER in dairy cows showed an increase of 3 kg of milk per day or more than 300 kg in the starting phase of lactation. Herb-All LIVER which improves fat digestion and liver metabolism has a huge return on investment. A properly functioning liver is crucial for a constant performance. In particular the start of lactation with a negative energy balance demands a special effort from the liver to meet the nutrient requirement of the high producing dairy cow.


Coccidiosis and cryptosporidiosis represent serious diseases that results in annual global economic losses of over 2 billion US dollars, including production losses and disease prevention and treatment costs. Although coccidiostats are still used, the problem cannot be solved due to resistances. Natural solutions like Herb-All COCC-X can replace coccidiostats in monogastrics and ruminants completely. Please contact us to get some more information.

A trial in beef calves showed that Herb-All COCC-X can replace antibiotics. The animals in the trial group with Herb-All COCC-X had significantly higher daily gains than the control animals with antibiotic treatment in the first trial weeks. Moreover, 50% of the control group were tested positive for Corona virus  and Cryptosporidiosis, whereas the trial group were tested  negative. Thus, the calves from the Herb-All COCC-X group were able to respond to existing pathogens more quickly and enjoyed better growth rates. 


Herb-All PARA-X acts as a long-term protection against parasites. It strengthens the natural defense mechanism of the animals. Herb-All PARA-X contains herbs with anthelmintic properties to interrupt the reinfection cycle and to keep the parasitic pressure low. The feed production needs no separated medicated line and there are no withdrawal restrictions. It can be used in grazing animals or in free-range systems, but it also works well for indoor production, where contamination with parasites is an issue. This herbal protection works in ruminants, layers, pigs, horses, wildlife animals, and aquaculture.


More live born piglets due to quicker farrowing. The sows were much calmer and easier to handle. The  weaning weights at day 28 showed a plus of 870 g in favor of the piglets whose mothers got Herb-All CALM before and right after farrowing. With each replicate mortality was reduced. The Herb-All CALM group had always lower mortality between 67-73% compared to the control group.

Herb-All CALM is recommended when animals are under intense stress. It plays an important role in concepts fighting against cannibalism in pigs and feather pecking chicken. It improves natural levels of serotonin, reduces stress-related corticosteroids and supports the immune system. The pure herbal mixture calms down agitated or aggressive animals and thus reduces mortality in early phases. Several trials showed that animals fed with Herb-All CALM, have a higher response to vaccination (rise in antibodies).


A new trial in piglets with Herb-All GUT in Asia showed incredible results. No piglets in the Herb-All GUT group had diarrhoea problems after weaning (control group had more than 40% sick animals). Average daily gain (ADG) was 15.2% higher in animals fed with Herb-All GUT. Also feed conversion rate (FCR) was 9.2% better than in the control group. Herb-All GUT is much more than a good alternative for an anitbiotic free meat production.


Herb-AllᵀᴹASA was tested on two dairy farms.
The analysis of milk samples in a specialized laboratory showed in farm 1 a reduction of the haptoglobin content (Hp) during the 16-day test phase by -48.0% and in farm 2 by -34.3%, respectively. Haptoglobin is an indicator for inflammation. Herb-AllᵀᴹASA proved to reduce signs of inflammation at the beginning of lactation significantly. This leads to less metabolic disorders and thus a better start into lactation. Herb-AllᵀᴹASA can also be used in organic farms.

Inflammation and necrosis are a newly observed
syndrome in young pigs. Especially freshly weaned
and young pigs entering the fattening unit are mainly affected. A trial with support of the Animal Hospital of Zurich showed the following results. First, a significant decrease of tail necrosis by -35% compared to control animals. Second, the haptoglobin content (Hp) of animals fed with Herb-AllᵀᴹASA had a reduced content of -31.5% compared to control pigs and third, animals fed with the herbal mixture had on average 8.8% higher weight gains.


A trial with Herb-All RESP in female calves was carried out to see the impact of this specific herbal mixture on growth and medical treatments during the first two months of live. In the first 5 weeks, the growth rates of the female calves fed with Herb-All RESP were improved by 20% compared to the control group. Over the whole observation period of 8 weeks (including the weaning phase) calves fed with the Herb-All RESP grew 16.5% faster compared to the control group.

A trial with young male calves showed excellent results. The animals which got Herb-All RESP in their milk replacer in the first 4 weeks, had a higher growth rate of 8.8% compared to the control group. Overall, the improvement (including the weaning phase) was more than 12% in the Herb-All RESP group. Beside the growth, also medical treatment was registered. Thanks to Herb-All RESP the use of medication was reduced by more than 50%.


A trial with Herb-AllᵀᴹCOOL in dairy cows (June – October) showed excellent results. The THI in July, August and September was between 77 and 81. A THI of more than 78 is accompanied with a significant loss in production. During the observation time of 5 months, cows fed with Herb-AllᵀᴹCOOL produced 3.21 kg more milk (+8.7 %) compared to control animals. Furthermore, conception rates were also improved

This study was carried out in a farrow-to-finish pig farm in Greece. Temperature recordings showed that the sows were under severe heat stress during the trial. Sows receiving Herb-AllᵀᴹCOOL had less problems with stillbirth and as a result more piglets survived in the first 24 hours of life (+12.52 %). After 28 days, 1.5 piglets more could be weaned in the trial sows. During lactation, these sows lost less backfat (-13.4 %). Furthermore the analyzed blood parameters confirmed that sows fed with Herb-AllᵀᴹCOOL supported the heat stress much better compared to the control sows. 


Herb-All E-PLEX is a mixture of carefully selected plants with a high content of natural antioxidants and functional components to complement and replace conventional Vitamin E. The plants used in Herb-All E-PLEX have the ability to stimulate the cells in the body for a more efficient protection against free radicals than pure Vitamin E. The partial replacement of Vitamin E by Herb-All E-PLEX enriches the diet and improves the antioxidant capacity of the feed.

A recently completed trial in monogastrics should demonstrate the potential of Herb-All E-PLEX as a partial replacement for Vitamin E. The results have shown that Vitamin E can be replaced by up to 50% without any loss of performance. Due to the much broader antioxidant spectrum of Herb-All E-PLEX, the zootechnical performance of the trial group has even been improved compared to animals fed only with pure Vitamin E.

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