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Our Swiss standard

Life Circle Nutrition is the only supplier offering herbal mixtures manufactured in Switzerland using a time-tested and precise science of combining herbs under GMP+ quality standards. Our goal is to supply you with consistent and reliable product quality and composition. Controlling a mixed product for its natural composition is not possible. That is why we import freshly collected, sun-dried herbs and plants from qualified supply partners and check their quality both at origin and before production.

Swiss standard

With a dedication to high quality, we guarantee our customers first-class products produced exclusively in Switzerland according to the highest standards in modern animal feed production.


In our own laboratory, we analyze every single batch of raw material by HPLC. If it complies with our high product specifications, we then produce our Herb-AllTM line of products according to GMP+ guidelines. Strict and precise quality control is critically important, because natural products can vary from batch to batch. Our control procedures guarantee 100% natural solutions with constant values.


All our products are GMP+ certified and available with conventional or organic-certified ingredients.