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Unlike farm animals, dogs and cats are not kept for financial profit but due to their loving bond with their owners. Therefore, pets are allowed to live longer, which makes them susceptible to senile and chronic conditions such as chronic liver disease.

Pet welfare and disease-preventing products are very appreciated in the field to improve and extend these animals’ quality of life. For instance, revitalization of exhausted liver cells in older animals will improve their general health, vitality, and immune systems. Similarly, in summer, dogs and cats can easily suffer from heat stress/heatstroke, especially long-haired and older animals for which the condition becomes a life-threatening issue.

Moreover, the close relationship between pets and pet owners enables them to play a serious role in the transmission of zoonotic diseases to the pet owners such as enteric protozoa and nematodes. Therefore, preventing pet diseases is not only essential for animal welfare but also for public health. Disease prevention and control via nutraceutical feed supplements provide a safe, efficient, and easy alternative to traditional therapeutic approaches. 

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Dogs and Cats
liver support
Dogs and Cats
unspecific diarrhea
Dogs and Cats
restless animals
Dogs and Cats