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Plant-based nutrition to manage digestion disorders
Herb-AllTMGUT manages non-specific diarrhea for a faster recovery from dysentery and thus reduces the need for medical treatment. It is recommended in farms where diarrhea frequency is high, primarily in young animals such as piglets and calves. The product is used in a 4-week prevention regimen to enhance a well-balanced microbiota in the intestine. The product can be also used in combination with a medical treatment to enhance its effect and help the animal recover more quickly. It increases feed efficiency for better weight gain and growth.

General Inclusion Rates

Piglets (weaning feed):
1.5 kg / ton of feed
Grower, finisher pigs:
1.0 kg / ton of feed
Sows, boars:
1.0 kg / ton of feed
3 g / head / day
Heifers, fattening bulls:
10 g / head / day
Kids, lambs:
1 g / head / day
Goats, sheep:
3 g / head / day
2 - 5 kg / ton of feed depending on species etc.