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Plant-based nutrition to partly replace Vitamin E

A natural source of antioxidants to improve the antioxidative capacity of animal feed

Common Vitamin E consists of a group of tocopherols. Alpha-tocopherol as an acetate is the most widely used form in animal feed. This molecule is converted to tocopherol during digestion and absorption. The main functions of Vitamin E are related to the immune response of animals, particularly as an antioxidant to prevent the formation of free radicals, the formation of phospholipids, and the enhancement of disease resistance by protecting leukocytes and macrophages. Herb-AllTME-PLEX is a mix of naturally grown and carefully selected plants with a high content of natural antioxidants and functional components to replace Vitamin E in feed preparations for all species of food production and even companion animals. These plants are known for their antioxidant capacity and their power as immunostimulants. The plants used in

Herb-AllTME-PLEX can protect the cells in the body from free radicals more efficiently than common Vitamin E. The partial replacement of Vitamin E with Herb-AllTME-PLEX enriches the diet and improves the antioxidant capacity of the feed.

When to use Herb-AllTME-PLEX

  • To provide optimum antioxidative power and protection in animal feeds
  • To overcome stress of vaccination, transportation, stocking density, etc.
  • To optimize antioxidant defense of the body against oxidative stress
  • To improve immune functions and to prevent infections
  • To improve fertility and hatchability in breeder birds
  • To improve health, growth, and production
  • To optimize costs in feed formulation

General Inclusion Rates

Dosage for all species:
100 - 200 g per ton of feed
Replacement of Vitamin E:
up to 50% at a ratio of 1 to 1 of DL-d-Tocopherol-acetate