Plant-based nutrition to partly replace Vitamin A

Natural source of Vitamin A to improve reproductive traits and immune support

Vitamin A is a group of unsaturated nutritional organic compounds. These compounds include retinol (animal source) and pro-vitamin A carotenoids (plant source), such as beta-carotene. Vitamin A has multiple functions: it’s important for healthy growth and development (bone health), for the maintenance of the immune system, and for reproduction. Vitamin A from industrial and plant sources must be converted to retinol to be used in the body. This conversion is compromised in unhealthy animals with digestive disorders or a compromised bile production. Therefore, it is important for natural sources of Vitamin A to contain liver and digestion-supporting secondary plant substances. Such a unique combination of plant metabolites is only found in whole plant products in their natural form. Fortunately, these secondary plant substances are found in Herb-AllTMA-PLEX, and they enhance the efficacy of the product even at low inclusion rates. When vital parts of the plant are missing (as is the case with extracted products), animal performance will either diminish or the expected performance will only be achieved at higher inclusion rates.

When to use Herb-AllTMA-PLEX

  • To provide optimum antioxidative power in animal feeds, which improves healthy growth

  • To support development and function of the immune system

  • To support iron metabolism and increase red blood cells

  • To maintain normal skin and mucous function

  • To improve hatchability in breeder birds

  • To enhance reproductive performance

  • To optimize costs in feed formulation

General Inclusion Rates

Dosage for all species:

300 - 400 g per ton of feed or at lower dosage when in combination with Herb-AllTME-PLEX

Replacement of Vitamin A:

up to 50% at a ratio of 1 to 1