Support Liver health and feed conversion
Herb-AllTMLIVER improves conversion from feed into energy and appropriate glucose supply. It also supports the function of the liver, a key organ of the body. This pure herbal mixture can prevent fatty liver syndrome (FLS) and improve protein metabolism. It also improves the excretion of toxins and metabolites from the body. The active secondary plant compounds of Herb-AllTMLIVER promote acylation reactions to facilitate conversion of lipids to phospholipids. Furthermore, they help prevent hoof and claw issues in ruminants and monogastrics and reduce problems linked to inflammation.

General Inclusion Rates

1 kg / ton of CMR (calf milk replacer)
Beef bulls and steers:
2 g / 100 kg body weight / day
Dairy cows:
10 g / head / day
Sheep, goats:
3 g / head / day
Poultry (broilers, layers, turkeys):
300 g / ton of feed
400 g / ton of feed
10 g / head / day
2 - 5 kg / ton of feed depending on species etc.